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Guan Hao:
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Engineering, in charge of Wireless Access Research and Implementation Group of Nokia (China) Investment Co.; undertaking relevant research on HSDPA, HSUPA, and 3GPP LTE and TDSCDMA system performance. Having obtained many patents on future air interface technology. Responsible for tracks of B3G/4G technology in Asia and focusing on the research on B3G/4G air interface technology and management of wireless resources.

Used to serve as the chairman of the fifth working group of FuTURE FORUM.

Enjoy Life and Work
An Interview with Dr. Guan Hao

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I have long heard that Doctor Guan Hao knows well how to enjoy his life. Although she has been working for six years after obtaining her doctor degree, she is still attractive in my mind, younger than I have ever imagined. She looks calm and pure without any complicated expressions on her face. Her tender smile, decent gestures within some squareness, and leisure tones all made me feel relax during the interview. On the hot summer day, it is quite comfortable an experience to have such a conversation with her¡­

During the conversation with Doctor Guan, ¡°innovation¡± was a very frequent word, which was the interest and motivation in her research work. Maybe such an attitude also makes her open-minded and creative.

She has been working with Nokia Corporation for six years after graduation. People usually change their jobs frequently in the first two or three years for better offers; however, she works steadily until now without leaving. In her opinion, a job can not only evaluated by the payment and benefits. The most essential thing is whether this place has anything new for you to learn and keep on updating. If there¡¯s nothing new to learn, and you have no passion to learn, then it is time to leave. But if there are more to learn, but you still quit your job due to other attractions, you will lose the opportunity to gain experience and accumulation in life.

She is deeply attracted by the constant updating of knowledge when doing the research work. New things keep emerging, which makes her study restlessly and never be a so-called ¡°veteran¡± worker as time goes by. This is where her current interest in work lies.

Dr. Guan is a sensitive woman. Her ideal lifestyle requires no ¡°have-to-be¡± standards. She said interest was the important factor. She described the ideal life like this: 80 percent of the work is what she¡¯s willing to do, and at the same time, she doesn¡¯t have to consider much about the external factors such as payment. Such an idea has penetrated through every aspects of her life. She thought that very different results would come out from the situations when doing a job with external pressure or internal motivation respectively. In her opinion, researchers need inspiration more than anything else. If you are pressured to do something, you will lose your passion for creation. Based on this, she, as the team leader of a workgroup, spends much time considering how to arouse the group members¡¯ enthusiasm through their interests.

When listening to Dr. Guan, you will feel the sense of speculation. She liked to analyze questions from various perspectives, as well as from both positive and negative aspects. For example, when talking about the research work, she thinks pure environment and broad communication are both contradiction and unity.

In her point of view, research needs new ideas and constant innovations. So a pure and comfortable environment is best for her to collect her own ideas.

On the other hand, research is not s

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