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LPWA:the new technology innovations in Internet of Things
  From:     2016-3-7 [ font size:Big middle Small ][print][close]

The Mobile Internet business and the Internet of Things (IoTs) business will become the two major driving forces for future mobile communications. The explosive increasing of mobile internet service requirements and of ultimate quality of experience will be met by 5G. At the same time, 5G will also infiltrate into IoTs and all kinds of industries, such as, intelligent city, environmental monitoring, intelligent agriculture and forest fire prevention, to achieve the real ¡°connected to all things¡±. This type of application scenarios generally has features of wide range, low power consumption, small data packets and vast connection.

LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) technology, which is put forward by SemTech company, is a proposed solution to the Low Power consumption and Wide coverage on the Internet of things. For using the spread spectrum modulation technology, LPWA can avoid the interference with the method of frequency hopping, and thus has longer communication distance subject to the equal power consumption. In terms of power saving, compared with the traditional GSM and Sub-GHz technology, LPWA has obvious improvement. LPWA occupies unauthorized frequency band to communicate and adopts the union custom LPWAN protocol in the MAC layer. SemTech company official claims that this chip can reach 15 km visual distance and 3 km communication distance in the urban environment. According to the measured data, within a single jump, SX1278 can cover a 5000 users cell with 1 KBPS rate. This means that LPWA micro power networks can be built by using a simple star network. While GFSK modulation chip often needs a tree or MESH complex routing networks. In addition, the distance measuring and positioning function of LPWA would promote the Internet of things to large-scale applications.

The LPWA technology has enormous market application potential. According to the forecast of Analysys Mason, by 2022, more than 2.7 billion devices will connect to each other via LPWA technology, which will create more than $10 billion revenue. The LPWA technology can solve problems of high costs of communication modules and the excessive consumption of number resources. At present, among several mainstream technologies in IoTs, the 3 GPP RAN eMTC scheme and NB-IoT solutions are still not mature. While the proprietary technology LPWA, which occupies the unauthorized frequency band, is mature and widely adopted in the world. Thus, it is of great significance for operators to evaluate the networking capability of LWPA technology and to find the right bearing technology for the small flow rate of the Internet of things applications.

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