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Introduction to power line communication
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Power line communication technology is the use of power line to transmit data and media in a way of communication signals. The technology is the high frequency load carrying information on current and then wire transmission accept information adapter to separate from high frequency current and transmitted to the computer or phone in order to realize information transfer.

Electric power communication network is used to guarantee the safety and stability operation of power system. Together with the power system security and stability control system, dispatching automation system are collectively known as the three pillars of power system safe and stable operation. It is also the marketization of power grid dispatching automation, network operations and the basis of the modern management; It ensures that an important means of power grid security, stability, economic operation; It ss one of the important infrastructure power system. Due to the electric power communication network reliability, protection and control of communication information transmission and the quickness and accuracy of strict requirements, and the power sector has special resource advantage for the development of communication, therefore, most countries in the world of power companies are established in the form of self-built primarily for power system communication network.

As one of the key technology of the smart grid, power line communication is playing a more and more important role. The smart grid requires power grid automation control system to be intelligent. The economy and safety of power transmission become very important. This makes the smart grid by the original equipment manual control mode, oriented to face automation control mode of the system. Electric power communication is the smart grid connection system between the various modules of the key. Only a highly efficient, intelligent, automation communication system, is able to support the normal work of the smart grid system.

Traditional power line carrier communication (PLC), which make use of high voltage transmission line as the high frequency signal transmission channel, limited to transmit voice, remote control signal, such as narrow application range, transmission rate is low, cannot satisfy the demands of the development of broadband networks. PLC is to develop in the direction of large capacity, high speed, at the same time to communication with low voltage distribution network carrier, realize the home users using the power line phone, Internet and other business.

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