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5G Communications Technology Outlook
  From:     2013-6-3 [ font size:Big middle Small ][print][close]

When 4G (4th Generation mobile communication technology) business has not been implemented in China mainland, 5G (5th Generation mobile communication technology) has entered the media and the public view. February 19, China's Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science jointly organized and set up IMT-2020 (5G) advance group, aims to build 5G technology research and standard promotion platform. IMT-2020£¨5G£©Vision Summit had been hold on May 28. The prospect of the development of 5G technologies from various aspects, such as requirements, network architectures, wireless transmission and networking had been discussed. ITU has also begun a new round of 5G business requirements and spectrum study. The EU and other government launched a science and technology projects to guide actively, and the industry has carried out preliminary technical studies. Recently, Samsung Electronics announced that it has obtained key breakthroughs in 5G technology. It is expected to achieve 10Gbps transmission rate, and plans to implement 5G commercial in 2020.

With the popularity of intelligent terminals and the rapid development of Internet businesses, by 2020, mobile data traffic will grow by 1,000 times. Therefore, 5G will introduce more advanced technology, through higher spectrum efficiency, more spectrum resources and the deployment of more intensive community together to meet the growing demand for mobile traffic. Meanwhile, green energy and network intelligence will become 5G important direction of development, reducing energy consumption, improving network self-organization and self-optimizing capabilities to achieve the sustainable development of wireless mobile communications.

EU METIS 5G communications technology project team set goals for 5G include: in capacity, 5G communications technology will grew 1,000 times than the 4G unit area mobile data traffic; in transmission rate, the typical user data rates increased by 10 to 100 times and peak transmission rate up to 10Gbps (4G as 100Mbps), end to end delay reduce 5 times; in accessibility aspects, number of networked devices can be increased by 10 to 100 times; in reliability, low-power MMC (machine type equipment) battery life increased by 10 times.

In addition, different with 3G, 4G standards battle, 5G era will be expected to share a global standard. From the LTE era, the global mobile communications standard had already seen a trend of full integration, two major global 4G standard LTE-FDD and TD-LTE only have 5% difference in core network aspects and just 10% difference in the lateral aspect of the wireless access. In 5G era, this integration trend will become more apparent because industry chain parties are aware that in today's globalized communications technology, it is very difficult to any separate party to develop a new communication standard. It is good for all industry chain parties that the global shared one set of communication standards.

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