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The 3rd Workshop of the Sino-Swedish Cooperative Program: IMT-Advanced and Beyond Held in Sweden
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Having undergone half of the three-year research, the Sino-Swedish Cooperative Program: IMT-Advanced and Beyond has organized two exchange seminars respectively in Lund University of Sweden and Southeast University of China. The third workshop was given in Uppsala University in Sweden on 21st of 2010, which was attended by Counselor Ning Cheung from Embassy of China in Sweden, governors from Scientific and Technological Affairs Office, Mr. Karl Vickman, Director, Head of Services & ICT Division VINNOVA Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, governors from Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, representatives from Ericsson, and over 60 experts from the participant units of this Sino-Swedish project.

Prof. Wu Ping from Uppsala University, who is in charge of the Swedish research, hosted the opening ceremony. Prof. Anders Ahlen, on behalf of the workshop organizer--- Uppsala University, extended a warm welcome to all the guests and experts to make a visit to the fourth largest city in Sweden. Uppsala University, established in 1477, is a famous comprehensive university, enjoying a high reputation both in Sweden and internationally. Mr. Ning Cheung, Counselor from Embassy of China in Sweden gave an opening speech on behalf of Chinese Government, in which he mentioned the long-established good business relationship between China and Sweden, especially the increasingly close cooperation in recent years on information and communication, materials and energy, auto manufacturing, and energy saving. Counselor Cheung also expressed that Chinese Government and he himself will continue to offer full support to promote the in-depth communication and cooperation in information communication field between China and Sweden.

Mr. Karl Vickman, Director, Head of Services & ICT Division VINNOVA Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, and Prof. You Xiaohu from Southeast University, expert of China 863 Significant Project, as the project initiators and principles in the coordination committee, respectively addressed on the opening ceremony, reviewing the efforts paid to the set-up and implementation of the project. They were both gratified at the research results achieved as well as at the sound friendship grown from the cooperation. This is a rare international cooperation project that involves so many top talents, universities, and research institutes. Prof. You Xiaohu and Mr. Karl Vickman both wished a great success to this communication activity in Sweden.

Some subject speeches were given on the workshop. Prof. You Xiaohu reported on Recent Mobile Communications Research Activities in China, in which he reviews the historical development of China’s mobile communication, evolution of 3G technologies, and 4G standardization, introduces the research results of C3G and FuTURE Projects, and presents the current situation and future plan of National Special Program for Future Broadband Mobile 2008-2020. Dr. David Astely from Ericsson made a speech on TD-LTE Technology— IMT-A/TDD Wireless Access Solutions. Finally, Prof. Fan Pingzhi, from Southwest Jiaotong University, presented a report on Broadband Wireless Communications for High-speed Trains: Opportunities and Challenges. With the formal operation of China’s first TGV between Beijing and Tianjin, how to solve Doppler problem, handoff difficulty and fast fading & shadowing in high mobility, and how to work with the current rational system architecture built by communication technologies have become the stresses in relative research.

The seven sub-project teams had respective discussions and gave their reports, covering Modulation and coding techniques, spectrum and propagation, Cooperative Multi-cell Multi-user MIMO techniques for high Throughput with Full coverage, Mobility management, control and routing for IMT-Advanced and Beyond, High efficient cooperative communications and cognitive radio, Investigations on key technologies for wireless infrastructure ad hoc networks, and Internet Protocols for wireless with guaranteed Q&S requirements, resource optimization and management.

In order to enhance the interaction among the seven different sub-projects and to promote the convergence among different techniques, each project prepared a simple and striking poster and gives detailed explanation on the contents. A special round-table conference, headed by Dr. David Astely from Ericsson, was given in order to further clarify the orientation of the future technical development. The experts brought forth various viewpoints on the future technical development and the problems encountered during their research, stressing the application of green network technology in wireless networks and relative influences to the fixed networks, the influences generated by high-rate high-throughput wireless transmission technologies on Spectrum polymerization and the terminal bottleneck problems, spectrum utilization and energy consumption, and how to realize indoor high-rate transmission. 

On the summary meeting on June 22nd, the general coordination committee and the experts gave high appreciation on the achievements and determined the time, venue and contents for the next exchange workshop. In addition, the feasibility of the initiation of the second-phase project and major research scope were also discussed before the workshop closed successfully.

Prof. You Xiaohu from Southeast University addressed on the opening ceremony

Counselor Ning Cheung from Embassy of China in Sweden making welcome speech

Prof. Anders Ahlen from Uppsala University making welcome speech

Mr. Karl Vickman, Director, Head of Services & ICT Division VINNOVA Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems making opening address

Prof. Wu Ping from Uppsala University  hosted the opening ceremony
Prof. Fan Pingzhi from Southwest Jiaotong University making subject presentation
Dr. David Astely from Ericsson giving speech
Prof. Ulf Korner, member of the general coordination committee
Round-table conference
Discussion of the first sub-project team
Discussion of the third sub-project team
Discussion of the fourth sub-project team
Discussion of the sixth sub-project team


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