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Communication Activities on Sino-Swedish Strategic Cooperative Programme in Nanjing
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October 12 to 14 of 2009, the 2nd Second workshop on the Sino-Swedish Cooperative Program was held in Liuyuan Hotel in Southeast University. The annual Sino-Swedish communication activity includes the opening ceremony, the workshop on trade dynamics, group discussion, debriefing, summary meeting and open air communication.

The workshop was attended by over 70 experts, including the officials from MOST and VINNOVA, staff from FuTURE FORUM Secretariat, representatives from 12 Chinese participants including Tsinghua University, Southeast University, BUPT, UESTC, USTC, HUST, Beihang University, BIT, and SHRCWC, Swedish experts from LUND University, Linköping University, Uppsala University, Chalmers University of Technology, and Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, and experts from Ericsson and Huawei.

The workshop opened on the morning of October 12, hosted by Prof. You Xiaohu from SEU, secretary-general of FuTURE FORUM. Mr. Liu Chi from Department of International Cooperation of MOST made a welcome address in which he stated that MOST, actively supporting the communication activities between China and other countries, set certain projects each year to fund international communication and research activities. Sino-Swedish Cooperative Program on IMT-Advanced and Beyond is a model cooperation example within recent years because of its research perspectiveness, innovative cooperation manner, and the support and fund from both governments. As the founder and principal, Mr. Carl Wickman, Vice Director of International Collaboration & Networks of VINNOVA gave a general review of the efforts and contribution made by all the experts and stated Swedish supportive attitude to the project. Prof. Pu Yuepu, Vice President of SEU, on behalf of the organizer, extended a warm welcome to the participants and wished a great success to the workshop.

On the follow-up seminar on trade dynamics, Prof. You Xiaohu from SEU and Prof. Ove Edfors from LUND University respectively introduced the latest progress of their labs. The experts from Huawei and Ericsson elaborated on the development trend and evolution route respectively from the aspect of future wireless Internet and the evolution of cellular mobile communication technologies in the coming 10 years. The seven sub-projects had their group meetings on which the experts from both China and Sweden had a heated discussion on the implementation details and future plans.

The debriefing and summary meeting was held on October 13, on which the leaders reported the achievements and progresses of their projects, and the experts of the coordinating committee, together with the project leaders communicated and reached certain consensus on the problems met during the implementation, the communication and sharing of project information and the achievement release. Ms. Shi Youyan from FuTURE FORUM Secretariat demonstrated the website and communication system specially designed by the Secretariat for the Sino-Swedish Program, which offers a safe and convenient platform for the participant units to exchange and share their information.

It can be seen from this communication activity that the Sino-Swedish program has gained significant achievements and progresses during the past one year. Nearly a hundred outstanding technical papers and patents have been released from the seven groups. Supported by the project fund, China and Sweden have exchanged nearly 100 experts and students in academic communications. The Sino-Swedish Program, with gradually enhanced influence in the R&D of advanced future mobile communication technologies, will definitely be a great propeller for the development of the future mobile communication technologies.

Prof. You Xiaohu hosted the opening ceremony and made an address.

Mr. Liu Chi from Department of International Cooperation of MOST made an address.

Mr. Carl Wickman from VINNOVA made an address.

Prof. Pu Yuepu, Vice President of SEU made an address.

Prof. Ove Edfors from LUND University made a speech.
Ms. Zhang Jinfang from Huawei made a speech.
Meeting Venue
Meeting Venue
Group Discussion
Group Discussion
Group Discussion
Debriefing Meeting
Swedish experts of the program coordinating group

Meeting communication


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