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The 4th Brainstorm Workshop on Wireless 5G Organized by Peking University
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The 4th Brainstorm Workshop on Wireless 5G was organized by Peking University at Beijing Yulong International Hotel on November 8th of 2014. Over 100 experts and scholars from the universities, research institutes and enterprises of Mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore attended this workshop discussing the development of 5G communications. This workshop was sponsored by HUAWEI, and co-organized by FuTURE FORUM.

Brainstorm Workshops on Wireless 5G were initiated by Prof. JIAO Bingli of Peking University, Prof. Russell Hsing of National Chiao-Tung University, and Prof. Char-Dir CHUNG of National Taiwan University. The first workshop was held at Peking University on March 2nd of 2013, and the second and third workshops were respectively held in Taiwan on September 28th of 2013 and Hongkong on April 6th of 2014. 

Prof. JIAO Bingli, Chair of this workshop invited the experts from National Chiao-Tung University, National Tsinghua University, National Taiwan University, SEU, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Xidian University, National Cheng Kong University, UESTC, National Ilan University, BUPT, HUST, HUAWEI, China Mobile, China Telecom, Datang Telecom, III, ITRI, and WIT CLUB. 22 excellent presentations were given by the invited speakers. Prof. YOU Xiaohu from SEU was invited to introduce the progresses of 5G communication project under 863 Plan.

The workshop stressed the subjects on co-frequency and co-time full duplex, Scalable MIMO, ultra-dense network, high frequency communication, spectrum sharing, intelligent and virtual networks. Prof. MA Meng from Peking University introduced the latest progresses on co-frequency and co-time full duplex.

This Brainstorm Workshop gathered the latest research results from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, integrating the wisdom of academic and industrial circles, guiding and pushing the development of 5G research.
The Fifth Brainstorm Workshop on Wireless 5G will be held in Singapore in the first half of 2015. 


Prof. WANG Jing, Tsinghua University

Dr.Chih-Lin I, China Mobile

Dr.YANG Fengyi, China Telecom

Prof. Chung-Ju Chang, National Chiao-TungUniversity
Prof.JIAO Bingli, Peking University
Prof. MA Meng, Peking University
Dr. SUN Shaohui, Datang Telecom
Prof. Tian-Wei Huang, National Taiwan University
Dr. TIAN Zhigang, Tsinghua University
Prof.CHENG Xiang, Peking University
Prof. AI Bo, Beijing Jiaotong University
Prof. T. Russell Hsing, National Chiao-Tung University and Peking University

Dr.YANG Ganghua, Huawei

Prof. Kwang-Cheng Chen, National Taiwan University

Prof. ZHAO Liqiang, Xidian University

Prof.Terng-Yin Hsu, Natiaonl Chiao-Tung University
Prof. T. Russell Hsing, National Chiao-Tung University and Peking University
Prof. Hsiao-Hwa Chen, National Cheng Kong University
Dr.Pang-An Ting, National Taiwan University
Prof. WU Gang, UESTC
Prof. Hsuan-Jung Su, National Taiwan University
Prof. Tony Quek, SUTD
Prof. Jen-Ming Wu, National TsingHua University


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