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Supported by NDRC,MOST and MIIT,FuTURE MOBILE COMMUNICATION FORUM is a non-profitable international organization jointly initiated by 26 mobile telecommunication operators,mobile communication equipment manufactures,research institutes and universities from both home and abroad.

To promote the exchange of technologies and information in the area of future mobile communication,strengthen the international technical cooperation and exchange so as to advance the mainstream B3G/4G technologies in the future mobile communication field,FuTURE FORUM endeavors to establish and develop an open,neutral,fair and just international platform to serve the research and development of future mobile communication technologiess.

FuTURE Forum adopts membership system, upholding the principles of being open,fair,just and reaching consensus. FuTURE FORUM aims at attracting the companies and units devoted to the research on the development and promotion of B3G/4G standardization as well as on the industrial construction and development,and consequently contrinutes to the fusion and development of China's and the world's B3G/4G industry.


D-702, Building 3, HongJiaLiYuan, LuoZhuang Nanli, Haidian District,Beijing,PRC.


Supported by the huge information communications industry and market in China and precious experience we have accumulated, FuTURE FORUM aims to fullfill the following objectives through international communication and coopration:

  • Clarify the vision of future mobile communication development;
  • Assess new trends and new technoloies, promote the research in future mobile
    communication field;
  • Realize the sustainable development of mobile communication
    all over the world.
  • Service:

    • Website ( )
      The Chinese aand English website of FuTURE FORUM serves the membership as a channel for propaganda and cpmmunication, serves the industry as a platform to release industrial news, information and technologies, and serve the public both home and abroad as an entry for new ideas and trends.

    • Preiodicals
      FuTURE FORUM has a bilingual periodical targeted to domestic and foreign mobile communication operators,mobile communication equipment manufacturers,research inistitutes and universities, which provides the latest technical information and industrial development both home and abroad to the forum members, governmerntal departments and relevantorganizations. Theperiodical will report the domestic and foreign development og mobile communications and units undertaking the research on subjects related to national and international mobile communication development.

    • Intekkugence Service
      FuTURE FORUM collects,analyzes and sorts out the information on the latest development of B3G/4G technology and on the significant events related to the domenstic and foreign mobile communication industry, so as to offer news and reports to the relevant government departments, telecommunication standardization organizations, research institutes and the Forum members.

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